Chapter 3 - Treating me like a daughter  

Caissy’s POV.

My head was hurting so badly, I had a little trouble opening my eyes because of the bright light.

- Caissy? - Pattie was sitting on my side looking at me. I sat on the bed getting a little dizzy.

- My head hurts. - I grumbled.

- Oh dear I’m so happy you’re awake! - Pattie screamed causing a little twinge in my head - I’m gonna call the doctor and let him know you woke up. - She ran out of the bedroom leaving me alone, my head was about to explode, I looked underneath the blanket and I was only in my underwear.

- Mom? Why did you scream? Did something happe… - I freaked out when Justin came into the room shirtless, he was looking so hot.

- Oh, you woke up. - He was a little embarrassed by finding my awake.

- My head still hurts…

- That’s because you woke up now or you cut it. - He said rudely. Have I ever mentioned how rude was this guy? God dammit!

- Yeah, probably. - I replied. He was going to stand there looking at me forever? Stupid. - What is it?

- Nothing - He gave me a naughty smirk, shook his head and went out of the room laughing. That smile, even hating him so much I had to admit he was fucking hot. I looked down and my breasts were not under the blanked and I didnt even notice, he was such a bastard, that was the reason he was looking at me that way! I started laughing alone.

- Caissy? - Pattie came in. - I brought the doctor to see you. I fake smiled, dont like doctors specially because I know they have sharp and painful needles.

- It looks like the young lady is already feeling better. - He said after checking me from my head to toe.

- Oh, great! It was just a scare! - Pattie said really happy. - Yes but you cant keep going through these kind of emotions.

- Don’t intend to. - I said ironically and they laughed.

- Take a shower and I’ll make something for you to eat, be right back to make another curative in your head. - Pattie went out closing the door, I got up to undress and get on the bathroom, which was huge, you could get lost in that much luxury. I took a long shower, washed my hair that was a mess because of all the blood and let the water roll through my body to relax. Once I was done, realized I didnt have any normal clothes other than those awful uniforms and some inappropriate clothes me and Claire stole to go out, so I got this huge shirt I had in my bag, ripped some pieces and when I finished it was looking like a mini dress but I wasnt leaving the room anyways. I was getting my hair dry when Pattie came in bringing me food.

- I brought hot soup for you.

- Soup? - I made a disgusted face but then I laughed and she joined me. - I would rather a huge cheeseburger with double sauce! - said licking my lips.

- But you need protein and we have everything you need here!

- I’m gonna eat but I’m still with option two. - I shrugged and Pattie laughed.

- Caissy, are you sure you’re feeling better? - She got the first aid kit and made another curative in my head.

- Yeah, Pattie. I’ m ready for round two!

- Dont even think about it. - She made me laugh.

- Pattie, I want you to take me back to the convent. - I said with a serious face making her look at me intrigued.

- Why Caissy? I’d like if you stay here with me for a while, your mom must be really happy we’re together.

- Me and your son…we just dont get along, I don’t want to make you embarassed or anything.

- This is because of Justin? - she laughed. - It’s all settled up, I talked to him.

- But Pattie we dont like eachother…

- Justin has strong personality I know, but I can assure you’ll get used with a little time. - she tried to argue with me.

- But…

- No but, you stay and that’s the final word, dont make me mad. - She tried to do a mad face but it made me laugh.

- Where did you meet my mom? - She took a while to answer.

- We were friends for years. We met at highschool and we were really close…your mom helped me a lot when I married Justin’s father, my mom didnt help me because she couldnt accept my marriage and didnt like Jeremy at all and your mom was the one who helped me. We were like sisters.

- And how is it possible that I never met you before?

- After your mom get pregnant she closed herself, she couldnt deal the situation and pushed everyone away, she couldnt handle being a teenage mom and raising you alone without anyone’s support…your mom gave up a lot because of the pregnancy.

- My dad didnt want me…right?! - She gave me that suspicious look and then laughed.

- Your mom was a little crazy back then, your dad was married and she was insanely in love with him and at first he didnt want anything with her because she was young and he was married but your mom never gave up, she tried so hard that he couldnt resist and started having an affair with her… it was just fun for him but that was her whole life. She got pregnant and he offered to pay for everything you needed but he wouldnt leave his wife for your mom, also didnt want you to know who he was…your mom didnt accept of course and told him you needed a father, not money. Your dad got scared cause your mom was threatening him…then he disappeared afraid that your mom would destroy his marriage. But Caissy…it doesnt matter anymore, its in the past!

- My mom never told me. - Bingo! I just learned everything about my life in seconds, things I’ve been trying to know for years.

- She was trying to protect you. As crazy as she used to be, she always tried to give you a life better than the one she had, she was lost in drugs and didnt had conditions to raise you anymore, that’s why she wasnt there everytime you needed.

- I miss her. - I whispered letting a tear drop.

- Me too. - She smiled crying with me. - Caissy let’s forget about that… - she hugged me and dried my tears.

- Yeah, its past. - I tried to smile, it wasnt good for me to keep thinking about the past. Pattie smiled at me. I brushed my teeth and laid in bed ready to sleep, I was loving Pattie spoiling me. - I’m still feeling a little headache but it’s not big deal.

- I’m gonna let you sleep but let me tell you: get ready cause tomorrow i’ll spoil you way too much! - She kissed my cheek and left the room. She was really treating me like a daughter.

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Chapter 02 - In Panic. 

I ran from that house so angry. I get tired after running too long, I probably ran four quarters and when I was closing to the fifth it started raining really hard, I was extremely soaked and more angry.

Justin Drew Bieber, who he thinks he is? Poor boy! What he’s think? That I’m one of those bitches who get out with him? Who practically get naked to have his attention? I’m not like that my dear, I didn’t like him so much before, and now that I know him, i just hate him.

I had no idea where I was going, the streets of that place were extremely darkness and with those mansions was getting more sinister and ghastly. I had to do something to get back to the convent but I didn’t know where I was and how to get back.

- Hey girl! - a car dapperly on my side in the middle of the temporal and the guy who was on the volant wanted to talk with me, but on that temporal? He’s probably crazy. I started walking again trying to ignore him, but I could see the leers he threw me, good… just what I needed to be attacked by that old geezer in the rain.

I was almost running and he kept following me. I looked behind me and I saw he getting out of the car and he started to ran on my direction, without thinking twice, I started running and he too. I turned the corner with all the speed I had, but he was faster than me.

He was approaching, I was in despair knowing that I should calm down in times like this. He reach me and grabbed me, pulling my hair that tangled in his hands taking me right along his body, he tried to immobilize me, but the attempts were futile because I was struggling becoming more and more nervous.

He turned me forcefully trying to kiss me, but I was faster and took a knee with all my strength in his balls causing him pain. I had time and tried to run, but he recovered quickly and turned trying to attack me. I could see the rage in his eyes, he pushed me to the floor hitting my back hard on the street and taking a pocketknife scaring me.

- Are you afraid? Calm down sweet heart, I will take care of you with all my heart. - he smiled. Discusting, you won’t touch me! I punched him in the face with all my strength. - Slut! - He returned slapped me hard in the face, felt the blood flows to my chin. His ring had cut the corner of my mouth.

- Let me go! You’re old geezer. - Okay it wasn’t that old, but he was drooling. I started be really afraid. - Help me!! Someone help me please! - I screamed desperate and felt my throat dry from yelling so much.

- Look at the rain! Do you think someone will hear you? - He said, laughing evilly. - Rest the voice to moan with me baby!

- Your garbage! Let me go! - He sat on top of my legs holding them. I still founded opportunities to punch him hard in the chest. When he ripped my shirt was the first time I felt scared in that situation, he tried to take off my bra, but I struggled disturbing, would fight to the end, but he would not rape me. - Be quiet bitch! - He hit the back of the knife in my head and cut my eyebrow. He gave up open my bra and went to take my shorts when he got surprised of the sound of two shots into the air.

- Let her go your motherfucker! - Justin was standing with a chrome pistol in his hand pointing in our direction.

- She is my girlfriend, get out boy! - He said with the biggest poker face, I tried to pull away, but he still held me tightly. Justin fired another shot but this time near us, I closed my eyes tightly.

- Do not play with me, your sucker! - He shouted and the guy realized he wasn’t joking and his legs loosened a bit and I ran going back to Justin; - Are you afraid of dying? - Justin gave an evil smile and get closer of the man.

- Dying? Because of this bitch? My life is worth much more than this, dude!

- Are you afraid of dying? - Justin made the question again, but this time irritated changing his tone of ironic to aggressive.

- What? You’re gonna kill me because of it? - He said with a voice of pity, but Justin didn’t even care.

- You pissed me off. - He tricked the guy madding him fall to the ground, he pulled his hair until he got with knee on the street and with his head up. - Pray! - The guy was already in tears and begging to not lose his life. - I want to hear you praying loud, your bull shit! - Justin hit the gun into his head making him cry more.

- Cassidy get in the car! - He shouted ordering pointing the gun to car and I went without hesitation. I got into the car that was a little close to where we were and after a while listening to the groans of the guy being beaten by Justin. I herded two shots and then silence. I could only hear the beating of my heart that were fast.

Justin opened the car door making me jump with fright, I wasn’t well, he ignored me getting into the car and took his coat in the backseat of the car.

- Use this.. - He gave me. I noticed that I was shirtless and felt my cheeks blush. His phone rang and he started speaking with someone, I wasn’t well. Suddenly my eyes began to embarrass, I was getting dizzy, could not breathe.

- Justin.. - I whispered making him stop talking and pay attention in me, I felt out of touch, I started being afraid of my condition, I didn’t know what was happening. - Justin help me! - I tried to breath but it was hard, it was a horrible feeling. My legs were shaking, I could not swallow, my heart was beating fast and I became being dizzy and losing my senses.

- Cassidy? Cassidy are you okay? - he asked being worried.

- Justin… - I whispered before loosing the senses and fainting.

Justin’s POV

My pride was screaming asking me to let that bitch there and she was raped by that sucker, but if I did that my mother wouldn’t ever forgive me so I took two shots ending the party that seemed the guy didn’t fuck a girl about five years.

- Let her leave your motherfucker! - I ended with his party even started yet.

- She is my girlfriend, get out boy! - this dude is shameless, right? I felt like laughing, but kept myself seriously couldn’t lose control of the situation, I took another shot now near them, - Do not play with me, your sucker! - I smelled fear by him so much as her, and I was enjoying myself inside, she ran up and stood behind me protecting herself. Where’s the hot chick now? - Are you afraid of dying?

- Dying? Because of this bitch? My life is worth much more than this, dude! - He was still arrogant, but that would pass.

- Are you afraid of dying? - I was beginning to get angry with him.

- What? You’re gonna kill me because of it? - the dude was already pissed all and I hadn’t done anything yet.

- You pissed me off. - yeah, he really had pissed me off. I tripped him making him fall and then put his knees on the floor, the guy started to cry like a girl and I has having fun. - Pray! - I spoke right next to his ear as he cried, I wanted to enjoy myself more so I decided terrifies most, he would die however, what’s the problem of have a little fun? - I want to hear you praying loud, your bull shit! - I hit him not too strong doing he crying more. I was tired of kidding and was time to put the doll in the car.

- Cassidy get in the car! - She neither replied or anything, she turned away and went to the car. I hit the guy again and he begged to not die, but so what? The girl also begged him not to rape and if I had not come along that was what he would do.

After hitting him a lot and left his face disfigured, I took two shot in his head and without pity or mercy, I went to the car, had to call Brian warn he didn’t need to look for that little bitch and ask him to send someone to clean all that dirt.

I was soaked from the fucking rain that didn’t help too much, I opened the car’s door and Cassidy got scared. I occupied my seat in the car while she was still looking at me all wet with her forehead and the side of his mouth bleeding, she was with all those big tits out and I would lose myself in there easily, got a coat in the backseat and i gave her to dress, i was talking with Brian when she interrupted me.

- Justin. - She whispered, I stopped talking with Brian and stared. - Justin help me.. - She was white like a paper, her lips had no color.

- Cassidy? - I asked scared. - Cassidy are you okay? - She wasn’t replying closing her eyes and slowly fell over me. - Cassidy? - I shocked her, and I got no response. - Cassidy? - She was passed out. I drove at high speed until I get home. I did not expect anyone to help me at home when I stopped I jumped in the car holding her in my arms into the house. - Mom! Mom … CALL THE DOCTOR!

- What’s going on Justin? - she came from the kitchen against me. - Oh My God! - She cried when she saw Cassidy in my arms bleeding. - What happened to her?

- I don’t know!

- Put her here! - she pointed to the couch, and I did as she ordered, she checked the heartbeat and was slowly. - Grab blanket to warm her body while I call the doctor!

I went running taking two blankets, my mom took her clothes off and cleaned the wound and wrapped it well with blankets, but she still had not returned to consciousness, the doctor lived a little away from us and he got there in seconds. Brian, one of my men, came into the room with the doctor that expedited the service when he saw Cassidy was unconscious.

- Did well to warm her body - he began to examine her.

- Is it serious? - my mother was very worried.

- She’s in shock, panicking. - Fuck! Look what that bastard did to the girl. But now he’s probably saying hi to the devil. - The most common reason for this is usually a very strong emotional impact, and fainting is a natural reaction of the body to situations like this!

 I told to they what happened.

- But it is dangerous doctor?

- Yes and no! As I said, this was how her body reacted to a great emotion, she will wake up, but if it takes too, I will have to take her to the hospital. - Stood there with folded arms, I couldn’t do anything just hopes she wakes up and my mother was very worried. Then I stayed with her after putting Cassidy in bed.

- Justin! - My mother took me out of my thoughts.

- Huh? - Change this wet clothes and take a hot bath!

- But you will be alone?

- If I need, I call you. - So I left the room to take a shower, I was still soaking.

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Chapter 01 - Welcome to my life! 

- Run, Caissy, run! - Claire shouted and ran in front of me, but I just couldn’t run, I was on my limit. I was totally breathless.

-Run! What was on your mind to threw vodka on Bieber’s face? You’re crazy! - She started to laugh out loud with her hand on her knees remembering why we were running like idiots. A dude who think he’s “the man”.. Because for me he’s nothing, he tried to kiss me and I threw pure vodka on his face.

- He tried to kiss and take advantage of me! - I explained and sat on the street. I couldn’t run and laugh at the same time, my stomach was hurting from laughing so hard.

- Who cares? - she said laughing - You’re crazy! He’s Justin Drew Bieber, the biggest bank robber of Atlanta. He can do everything.

- No he can’t, not with me! - I said looking serious to her.

- Yes, of course… Did you see how big his securities were? Imagine if they decided to come behind us, they would make mincemeat of us! - I rolled my eyes without giving importance and she glared at me.

- Fuck who he is! Nobody touches me strength!

- Oh, I’m sorry… PURITAN! - she started laughing again. Claire was my best friend and we were terrible, we do everything to be next to danger. We were the most problematic teenagers of Atlanta.

We jumped the wall of the convent/college where we lived without make a sound. The night was clearing, it was 6am. If someone see us in that hour of the night and with this clothes, we would be in trouble. We were experts in run away of the convent to have fun in the most dangerous places and clubs of Atlanta, we were such two “bad ass”. That was our entertainment, for me and for Claire.. We loved to get in trouble, it was the perfect adrenaline for both of us. But we had to pay attention because if we get in trouble again, we would be expelled from here…

Wow, I just can’t imagine! It’s been more than seven years that I am “locked” in this convent, I can’t get out even in christmas time, I never get out of here to visit someone and the only person who used to visit me was my mom and when she could. I’m in this convent since when I was just nine, after years having to see my mom having outbreaks because of drugs, she decided to leave me here and get me away from her. That was the only way that she found to protect me from herself.

- Cassidy! - someone knocked on the door and I jumped of fright. I’d just skip the window of my room, a little more they caught me. I breathed and looked to the clock, that wasn’t the time to have breakfast.

- Get in, sister Charllote! - I got into the bathroom and put fastly the uniform. While she was waiting, I put my party clothes in the bathroom cabinet.

- Are you okay? - she asked and I nodded my head making a positive sign a little suspicious, did she know something? She smiled at me. - The purlin wants to talk to you.

- With me? - I sat on the bed. Of course they knew about something that me and Claire did. We were probably in trouble and this time the purlin wouldn’t apologize us. My hand started sweating even before I talk to her.

- Yes, go girl, get ready faster, go… - she pulled me out of the bed. I put my shoes and made a ponytail quickly. I put on a bit of makeup that I had hidden in the drawer to hide the lookout and I was ready. I went to the putlin’s room slowly because I didn’t have created a story yet to deceive her and I realized that Claire wasn’t in the waiting room like always waiting for me. I just didn’t know how they discovered our escape, but however, we where in trouble.

- Excuse me purlin! - I said getting in to the room realizing that Claire really wasn’t there. Will be that bitch cheated on me and put all the blame on me? I got the door a little open, in case of something I just run.

- Cassidy! - she said happy when she saw me, that smile should be like “I get you!” or “how do you want to die hãn?” Oh my God, I was shaking.

- Have you called me, lady? - I said with that angel voice I make when I’m in trouble.

- Yes, I have! Sit here Cassidy! - she pointed to the chair behind the table, I smiled a little nervous and sat. - Sweetheart, I actually have a sad subject to treat with you… - I hate when people take too long to tell me something. With me is direct.

- Go ahead…

- First at all, I want to say that you’re not alone. - that conversation was getting really strange. I got there thinking that she was going to fight with me and now she said that I’m not alone? - Like I said, you’re not alone, whatever you want, we will be there for you…

- Okay but honestly purlin, this is getting a little strange. I know I made a mistake, go ahead… - I couldn’t understand where she wanted to go. She wants to expel me from the convent, it must be that.

- Okay, no more stories, I got to say… - she breathed and continued to talk - Sweetheart… - she said sweetly - your mom… she… she died last night. – It was a shock listening to that. My body got static, like a stone. Any tear, nothing. I didn’t have a reaction. - Cassidy… you don’t have to get mad my dear… keep calm! - she tried to hug me but I knew she hated me because of all the troubles that I get in and the way I live my life. I ran away of her hug getting furious, I could not control my emotion, it was involuntary. I was feeling a lot of things at the same time.

- DO YOU WANT ME TO KEEP CALM? - I shouted making her eyes-popping - Do you want me to calm down? The only person that I had in the whole world has gone, and you want me to calm down? - the tears appeared and it was impossible to control them, I was feeling more lonely, because this time it was true, I am alone right now.

- No… no Cassidy you’re not alone! - she tried to revert the situation but I was irreversible and uncontrolled of crying.

- I am alone! - I said crying. - By the way, i’ve always been alone, but now it’s worth because I know she’s not here anymore. - I said those words with hate.

- We found your aunt and she’s coming to get you. You can pass a time with her to feel better from the pain. - that was the news that I’ve always dreamed to listen, but I just couldn’t be happy.

- Do I have to be happy purlin? - I said ironic. I was really sad because even my mom being how she was, I had her. But now I’m lonely, she’s really gone.

- Cassidy don’t hurt yourself because of the sadness that the life gives you. God is with you and He will cure this and give you strength to stand up! - she wiped my tears. Talk about God with me? My life sucked and she says that? I really wanted to everybody go to hell, I was tired of getting hurted. - Now pack your things because Pattie is coming to get you…

So her name was Pattie? My mom have never told me about her, she have never told me about family or anything. That druged bitch hide me about everything, even about of getting a normal life, and now she dies and leave me alone? I’ve always knew she was the worst mother, but I really didn’t know who was Pattie, I don’t remember nothing about her. So I packed my things, that wasn’t a lot but the really hard thing was to saying goodbye to Claire. I’ve cried a lot. I went to the purlin’s office and she was waiting for me.

- There is our little girl! - the purlin pushed me next to her being so fake. Who see thinks she was a lovely woman who treats me good, but today was na exception just because my mom died. She couldn’t fool me, I know her. I tried to smile to the woman.

- Hi, I’m Pattie Mallete! - she stand her hand to me. She was beautiful and seemed to be nice with that beautiful smile.

- I’m Cassidy! - I said in a low voice.

- Are you ready to get home? I think you will like to spend a time with me. - I smiled a little happy.

- Cassidy, call me for anything! - no, she didn’t want to said that for me, I’m pretty sure it was just because Pattie was there. She knew that I’m trouble and it was a big indirect to Pattie.

- Okay purlin.

I was only nine years old when I passed in that door and now I’m finally getting out of here. Just because of the death of my mother. It needed to happen something bad to get me out from here. Pattie was very nice and lovely. She made me laugh many times in the trip making me forget why I was sad. The car was comfortable too, it seemed to be very fancy, I don’t know about cars but it really seemed to be expensive.

And the house? It seemed like a dream ad it looks like the covent, its too big that I can get lost inside of the house. But the only strange thing it’s that were many men running around the house.

- Who are them? - I pointed to one of the guards who has next to us while she was parking the car.

- Justin’s securities!

- Justin? - that name wasn’t strange.

- My son! - she smiled.

- How many children do you have? - I was too curious.

- Only Justin! He’s my twenty years old baby!

- And why does he need all these security? - I was getting my suit cases out of the car and asking, I was really curious.

- The work need protection… Hey you! - she said to one of the security - Get these suit cases to the room that I said to clean!- The man got the suit cases without saying nothing. - Do you want to meet the house first or to take a shower?

- Let’s see the house first, I take a shower later.

We got into the house and went to a hall. That hall was really big, it was like four rooms of the convent and more the purlin’s Office, who is also big. The entire house was really big. We took one hour to meet all the house and I was getting tired. We got in to a place that she said we needed to be fast there because her son wouldn’t want to see us there. It was an office and next a room with a chair and it was everything mirrored.

- Here is the office… - she pointed to a room - but its only of Justin’s use, he’s the only one who uses this room of the whole house. - I smiled and she continued - You will never need to use this room. - she laughted and closed the door. - So this is… - she bumped with a boy. He has really flawless. If I could discribe how he messed with my head when I looked into his eyes, and he to mine, it was just a look and i got crazy. His mysterious eyes caught my attention. I felt the most craziest things in life: desire, fire, excitement… I felt my throat burn. I have never felt like this before. He made me crazy just with his eyes. But looking better he looked like the mother fucker who tried to kiss me on that club last night. His baseball cap was making darkness on his face so i’m not sure, but they look so much alike.

- Son? - Pattie said a little scared, he had emerged from nowhere.

- Fuck you mom! Look where you’re walking! Shit… - he said realizing that Pattie was there. He treated her so bad, he was so stupid.

- I thought you wouldn’t be home… at this time…

- Yeah, I had an unforeseen. - he put straightened his cap let me having a full view of his face. Instantly he got angry. Son of a bitch, It was really him, the man who tried to kiss me last night, sucker! - WHAT IS THIS BITCH DOING HERE AT MY HOUSE? - he shouted making Pattie fear. She tried to talk but she was really scared.

- She is… is… she’s the daughter of my friend Charllote… Don’t you remember? What’s your problem Justin? - she made my stomach churn and i’ve started being afraid of him.

- The problem? Look what this whore made to my eyes! - he said getting closer and showing his eyes that were red and irritated because of the vodka to Pattie. But wait… whore? Since when he could call me a whore?

- HEY! - I shouted angry - You don’t know me so look how you talk with me! - I pointed my finger in his face.

- Lower this finger or you will lose it!

- HEY YOU TWO! - Pattie shouted - Stop with this! Justin my son, she’s Cassidy, I think you’re confounding her with another girl!

- NO MOM! - he shouted again - I know who this bitch is and I don’t want she here! - he got out kicking everything he saw ahead and I felt my face burning, my desire to punch him was getting bigger.

- I’m sorry Caissy, but Justin is…

- No Pattie! I wont be here any longer! - I ran from there but I didn’t know where was the exit. But okay I found it, i wont get that mother fucker humiliate me and said those things to me. I wasn’t going to stay there anymore.

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